Community Revitalization Agency Consulting

The firm’s history includes public-private partnership development including the development, implementation, and success of Community Revitalization Agencies (CRA).

The firm’s principal, Michael Langton, is a private real-estate developer and brings a lifetime of relationships from the private investment arena and the public sector having served five terms in the Florida House of Representatives. The firm’s Consulting have a wide range of experience and are directed by Vice President Lisa King, a seasoned and expert grant writer with over twenty years of experience and hundreds of funded grant submissions.

City of Pompano Beach
Currently, Langton Consulting serves as a Grant Writing Consultant to the Pompano Beach CRA Management Firm, Redevelopment Management Consulting working on Commercial Revitalization, Economic Development, Transportation and Affordable Housing, all of which are high priorities of the CRA.
City of Delray Beach
Langton Consulting, for a period of over five years, was instrumental in working with CRA Director Chris Brown in supporting the massive redevelopment project for Atlantic Avenue and various other CRA priorities such as Affordable Housing and Economic Development. Langton Consulting secured an Economic Development Administration Grant for a small business incubator that included microloans for small businesses.
City of Riviera Beach
Langton Consulting has been providing grant writing services to the Riviera Beach CRA since 2015 and has obtained various grants to fund projects and programs in the categories of healthy food financing, housing, arts & culture, economic development, and disaster recovery.