RESTORE Act- Direct Component

In May 2017, the Langton team, lead by Melissa Beaudry, Public Affairs Consultant, was competitively selected by Gulf County to provide professional grant writing and grant administration services for all RESTORE Act Direct-Component (Pot 1) activities and for Triumph Gulf Coast, Inc. opportunities.

The Langton team is currently in the process of working with County and Treasury staff to develop and submit a grant application to utilize RESTORE Act Pot 1 funding. The Langton team also assisted County staff to close-out their planning assistance grant used to create their RESTORE Act Pot 1 Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MYP).

In October 2017, Langton Consulting entered a contract with Taylor County to assist the County’s Grants Department with the development, submission and approval of their initial RESTORE Act Direct Component (Pot 1) Multi-Year Implementation Plan (MYP) and create/update all current County policies and procedures based on Federal regulations, Executive Orders, and RESTORE Act Pot 1 Program guidelines. Langton Consulting now provides full RESTORE Act Grant Consulting Services to both Taylor and Jefferson County including all MYP amendments, submission and administration of all grant applications and updating of policies and procedures.

We currently provide RESTORE Act Grant Consulting Services (Grant Writing & Grant Administration) to the following communities:
• Franklin County
• Gulf County
• Taylor County
• Jefferson County
• Walton County