A leader in grant development services, we assist our clients in the pursuit of external funding sources, consistent with goals and priorities that are fiscally responsible and programmatically feasible.

Additionally, Langton Consulting specializes in grant identification by determining each client’s individual needs through on-site interviews and the development of a Needs Assessment and Strategic Grants Plan. The information captured in these two documents will create a solid basis for specific and in-depth research to secure grant funding for the highest prioritized projects. Twice a month, our clients receive an exclusive SMARTGrants™ e-mail alert with the most up-to-date grant funding currently on the market to ensure that no grant opportunities are overlooked.


Providing the techniques, tools and talents necessary to effectively pursue and secure funding for your local government.

Relationships: Much of the success of a grant application comes from connecting and staying connected to grant funders, building relationships and maintaining continuity between the local government and the funding agency. But the relationship between local government staff and the grant consultants is equally important. We utilize a team approach by focusing on and promoting the individual skills of our consultants to produce the best work possible, working in tangent and under the leadership of the local government staff. We make sure that each client has a main point person that they communicate with freely for any needs they may have and to create focus and investment in the needs of the client.

Research: The preparatory work that goes into producing a grant application can make or break the effectiveness of an application in being competitive. This research is a part of the daily functions for our consultants and takes the pressure off the staff to strategize the best plan of action for securing funding and in order to use time most effectively in producing each application. Included in this preparatory work are tasks such as knowing how to research federal grants, know what the various agencies are looking for in an application, how to find potential funders, and knowing what grant reviewers are looking for.

Proactive Approach: No client’s needs are too big or too little. Often times local government staff who work on grant writing have other duties under their preview as well. With grant writing not being their primary skill or objective, staff often don’t have the resources to pursue as many grant opportunities as they could. Our consultants can enhance and expand the abilities of the staff by joining them in their efforts and forming a team approach to effectively identify and secure funding. With a firm of dedicated grant writers and consultants, appropriate grant opportunities can be pursued with the client for funding potential.


Flexible services and budgets

All services can be offered individually for a fixed fee or bundled to find the right package that is affordable for you. Services priced based on the size of the local government and their needs.

The Langton team specializes in the following program areas: • Community Development • Cultural Institutions • Economic Development • Emergency Management • Energy Conservation • Environmental Protection • Hazard Mitigation • Health and Human Services • Historic Preservation • Homeland Security • Land Acquisition • Parks and Recreation • Public Infrastructure • Public Safety • Transportation


To create a flexible and customizable relationship that is affordable for you.

• Analyze, synthesize and critically evaluate funding opportunities based on a local government needs and creating a Strategic Grants Plan.

• Utilize a collaborative team dynamic with varying specialties and problem-solving skills who will provide seasoned guidance on compliance issues as well as key insight on a variety of funding agencies.

• Consult on grant compliance and interpretation of OMB Circulars with special emphasis on 2CFR 200 and all applicable regulations, policies and procedures. Interpret applicable regulations and translate into operational policies as required.

• Improve the quality of grant applications and program design within local governments, nonprofits, educational settings and public service agencies by providing insight and feedback to enhance the effectiveness of an application to stand out in a highly competitive process.

• Provide expertise on language of grants, proposal development, funding sources and processes, designing and writing competitive grant applications, creating budgets, developing effective evaluation tools, and understanding fiscal management functions and regulations.