Meet the Team

At Langton Consulting we employ some of the best and brightest grant researchers and writers as well as grant administration specialists, who are available to help you successfully implement your grant funding according to the latest federal, state and local regulations.

We have a core team of staff that work collaboratively to meet the needs of our clients on a daily basis and a robust network of grant researchers and writers that we utilize for various projects to ensure the effective execution of all projects. Each grant is different and we are committed to continuously educating ourselves with the latest knowledge available to ensure federal regulatory compliance for each and every grant program.

"Langton Consulting has helped the City of Atlantic Beach secure millions of dollars in funding and their commitment to each project, their technical expertise, resourcefulness, initiative and attention to detail has exceeded our expectations. The Langton team's superb communication and interpersonal skills also contribute greatly to our partnership.”

Kevin Hogencamp, Deputy City Manager for the City of Atlantic Beach